Inspection Services Division

The Inspection Services Division is responsible for building inspection, building plan and site layout review, interpretation and enforcement of the International Code Council (ICC) construction standards, and any local construction codes adopted by the City Council. Inspection Services' employees also provide information concerning subdivision plats and existing sewer lines and connections. The Division is also responsible for the inspection and enforcement of owner-occupied and rental properties subject to the property maintenance code and the residential rental licensing ordinance.

Gary Hill - Building & Code Enforcement Manager

401 Independence | Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
Phone 573-339-6327 |

Now offering Expedited Plan Review

The Inspection Services Division is pleased to offer Expedited Plan Review services for new commercial projects, additions to commercial projects, and commercial renovations. Inspection Services is committed to a maximum 15-day review time for expedited plan review for first round plan review comments, and maximum 7-day review time for revisions, with the following parameters:

- Expedited plan review is offered on a first come, first serve basis. Requests for expedited plan review shall be submitted with a completed Commercial Building Permit Application by email to, no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday. Applicants will be notified by noon on Thursday if they are approved for expedited review. Once the application is approved and plans are received for expedited review, staff will return comments within 15 days. Plans received after noon on Friday will be considered received on the following Monday for purposes of calculating review time.

- Up to 2 new or addition projects, or up to 4 renovation projects, or a combination thereof, may be approved for expedited plan review per month. If plans are received exceeding this maximum number, they will be placed in the regular plan review queue.

- Plans submitted for expedited review are subject to staff discretion based on complexity and size of project and staff availability.

- Expedited plan review is subject to additional fees. New and addition projects are subject to an expedited review fee of $150, and renovations are subject to an expedited review fee of $75. This fee offsets staff overtime to complete the expedited review. It is due at the time plans are submitted for review, and is in addition to the plan review deposit.

- Expedited plan review is only offered for Inspection Services Division reviews.

- If, after 2 rounds of review comments from Inspection Services, the plans are not made compliant with code, they will be placed back in the regular review queue. All plans received for review, but especially those for expedited review, are expected to be fully code compliant upon initial submittal.

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