Please note: This page will be updated with factual information as it becomes available. 

**On 4/8/2020 the MSN/Bing COVID Tracker website was showing very inaccurate numbers on their website. Though circulating on social media, it is wrong. Look to Cape County Public Health for official numbers. There were 24 cases in Cape County as of 4/8/20.**

Q: What is "essential business"?
 A: Certain critical infrastructure industries have a special responsibility to continue operations during these unprecedented times. View a list from the Department of Homeland Security.

Q: What should I do if I think a business is not operating in accordance with the Governor's Order?
A: First, consider that the business might be operating under special circumstances and in compliance with the order. You can ask the business directly. If you still feel that there is a public health concern, please contact the Cape Girardeau County Health Department

Q: Is 5G cell phone technology linked to the spread of the novel coronavirus?
A: No. A worldwide online conspiracy theory has attempted to link 5G cell phone technology as being one of the causes of the coronavirus. This is absolutely false.

Q: Have the police stopped patrolling and writing traffic tickets due to COVID-19 concerns?
A. No. The Police Department is still patrolling. 
COVID-19 has not eliminated state laws, city ordinances, or our commitment to keeping our community safe.

Q: Is the Bill Emerson Bridge closing to traffic?
A: There is no plan to close the bridge at this time. 

Q: Is MoDOT closing interstates, stopping projects or closing rest areas?
A: No, not at this time. 

Q: Is Missouri WIC closing?
A: WIC is still open and operating normally. If there are any changes to normal operations, WIC participants will be notified by their local agency. (March 20)

Q: Is Cape Girardeau going on lock down in the next 48 hours, or has a curfew been established?
A: No - city government has not enacted any curfew or "lock down", however the statewide Stay at Home Missouri order is in effect from April 6-24.

Q: Are grocery stores in Cape Girardeau closing?
A: Due to supply chain issues and required thorough cleaning procedures, several stores have voluntarily reduced their hours but remain open. Some have instituted special shopping hours for the elderly. Check with stores for hours and occupancy limit updates. 

Q: Why can't you disinfect the City with the mosquito spray trucks?
A: The best means of keeping you and your family safe is through hand washing and cleaning surfaces you touch frequently, as well as social distancing / staying home. 

Q: Can I get COVID-19 from my pets, or give COVID-19 to my pets?
A: There is no evidence that this is the case, according to the CDC.

Q: Are people going door-to-door selling masks covered in chemicals to knock people out and rob them?
A: This unsubstantiated post, circulating social media, has not been seen locally and is reportedly false.