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The City Council adopted the City of Cape Girardeau Comprehensive Plan on January 22, 2008. The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range (20 year) planning document addressing a comprehensive set of community components including land use, utilities, transportation, parks and recreation, public safety, and economic development. It represents the collective vision of the community in each of these areas. The Comprehensive Plan is not a law, but rather a guide or reference to be used in formulating public policy and in implementing current planning measures, such as zoning.

The process of developing the Comprehensive Plan began in the fall of 2006. The City hired the consulting firm ARCTURIS to work with the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee in understanding existing conditions, gathering input from the community, establishing goals and objectives, and proposing implementation measures. Through this process, citizens were empowered to assist in decision-making by participating in public workshops, surveys, focus sessions, and stakeholder interviews.

In addition to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and the public, the Planning and Zoning Commission played a key role in reviewing the plan in study sessions and in joint meetings with the City Council.

To ensure the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive plan are achieved, the City Council created the Comprehensive Plan Oversight Committee.