• Tangible Results of City Government 

    What gets measured gets done. City management is always working to improve regular reports and outcomes measurement. Annual "Tangible Results" reports are intended to keep city government accountable and citizens informed.


    The City of Girardeau, the regional hub of Southeast Missouri, will actively provide and promote a safe, innovative climate through city services that enhances the quality of life for its citizens and our region.

    • Honesty: in order to build public trust and be the best source of information for our citizens and employees.
    • Flexibility: because we believe one size does not fit all. Accountability: in order to take responsibility for our performance and decisions in keeping with our commitments to the public.
    • Tenacity: in finding the best value for every dollar spent because we are taxpayers too.
    • Transparency: because the business we are conducting belongs to the people, and not to the government.
    • Respect: because it creates a professional environment for solving problems in a prompt manner.
    • Innovation: because it is the only way to provide service at costs that is sustainable into the future.
    • Unity: because we share one goal ….. A Better City!
    • Diversity: because our differences are a strength that helps us explore any idea that increases our options.
    • Safety: because it is the cornerstone on which we build quality of life for our citizens and employees.
    • Fun: because it will bring more energy to the workplace and keep our minds fresh and productive.
    • Empowered Employees: because our greatest assets need the most power to make the greatest difference as public servants.
  • Contact Info
  • 401 Independence, PO Box 617 Cape Girardeau, MO  63703
  • Telephone 573.339.6320
  • Email cityclerk@cityofcape.org

Five Strategic Council Focus Areas
(Download sample strategies)

1. Economic Development
2. Fiscal Stewardship
3. Health & Safety
4. Improved Neighborhoods
5. Streamlined Services

Annual City Report Summaries

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