Many City programs and services are led and managed by the City Manager's Office. The City Manager is responsible for coordinating all city activities, programs and services in support of the City Council's Strategic Focus Areas. These are just three of the many projects currently being considered.

PORCH / ​Purpose Built Communities 

People Organized to Revitalize Community Healing, or PORCH, in early 2018 was organized in Cape Girardeau around the goal of "devising a plan to recreate the vibrant community that once flourished on the south side of our city." PORCH is quarterbacked by a committee of residents using a framework designed by Purpose Built Communities (PBC) - a possible tool to improve the safety, quality of life, and building stock of the city's south-side neighborhood. This is accomplished through:

  • Mixed Income Housing
  • Community Wellness
  • Cradle-to-College Education

The PBC techniques and tools have been proven to work in other communities in the U.S. 

For more information, visit PORCH online and/or contact the Purpose Built Communities organization.


  • Contact Info
  • 401 Independence, PO Box 617 Cape Girardeau, MO  63703
  • Telephone 573.339.6320
  • Email

City Budget

The annual City Operating Budget is adopted by the City Council in June each year for the fiscal year beginning on July 1. View 10 years of city budgets here

 Improvements Program

The five-year Capital Improvements Program, required by the City Charter, provides a basis for long-term needs planning for the city's capital infrastructure. 

View the CIP document

Cape Vision 2040:

A New Comprehensive Plan for the City of Cape Girardeau

What is your Big Idea?

What can we do to make Cape Girardeau an even better place to work, live, shop, play and visit?

What areas of town could use some improvement?

Where should future growth occur?  What should it look like?

Help answer these questions and more.  The Comprehensive Plan will serve as a a guide to future growth and development, and in the planning for future enhancements such as roadways, parks and other improvements.

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